Halo Cigs, Blu Cigs And Mt Baker Vapor: Best Ecig Tank Option

Tank system e-cig’s are good for you, if you are an advanced vapor. Beginners will often find it more complicated and so they should stick to the other options. You will find several brands offering this option with variations. But if you are looking for the best, you better choose from the following three. Lets see why Halo, Blu and Mt Baker are your top priorities when it comes to Tank e-cigs.

Halo Triton Tank

Halo triton tanks are a beautiful sight as such. The model is beautifully designed and gives a great vaping experience. They ship with two batteries that can be chosen from 400mAh or 650mAh. They even offer up to 1300mAh for those who want a heavier vape. You can also choose your desired battery color. The tank holds e-liquids up to 2.5ml and varying with the battery size, a Triton tank measures from 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches. Triton has an LED that lights when you vape. It flickers when the Triton needs a recharge and it is also a button, as the system is manual. The triton design is a simple design for even advanced vapors. It’s simplicity is what makes it the most attractive. Halo has some very good e-juices for its Triton too. All Halo cigs products at discounted prices on their webpage, if you avail their coupon codes and promo codes.

Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor has several tank options, some really costly ones too. Their tank models cannot be used by beginner vaper because they have a lot of customization options that a starter may not understand. Some of their cheaper models like innokin iTaste SVD Express are really excellent. You can adjust the voltage, resistance as well as airflow for your ultimate vaping experience. The costlier Russian 91 % V2, has a unique stainless steel design. It has options for adjusting your battery power and airflow. It is also suitably designed to allow vaping with all types of e-juices. The vapor production of this model is also truly excellent and can be adjusted. It is important not to ignore Mt Bakers’ e-juices. They are really good and all reviews of their flavors are great plus they also offer Mt Baker Vapor coupons to make sure you’ll get discounts.

Blu Cigs

Blu cigs on the other hand doesnt have any tank system and is often criticize that they are not having strong performance. This is because Blu cigs focus on beginner vapers and not advanced users. Blu cigs also has something that no other rechargeable has. It’s a Blu pack. A Blu pack recharges your e-cig without having to connect to the charger. All you have to do is drop the battery into the blu pack and close the lid and your battery starts to recharge. Blue offers three elegant rechargeable e-cigs, Blu Rechargeable Kit, Blu Rechargeable Premium Kit and Blu Rechargeable Premium100 Kit. Each comes with 2 chargers, 2 batteries, Blu packs and 5 flavor cartrdiges. The Blu Rechargeable Premium100 Kit has more to offer than the other two. The pricing of Blu is also very appropriate given their design and service. They also have alluring Blu ecig coupon codes that make the set available at cheaper prices.

When you are looking at the coupon codes too, you will find that these brands offer pleasing discounts. The seasonal promo codes can get you an even better price. So following the unique experience Halo, Blu and Mt Baker provide it is only obvious that one of the three will satisfy your throat, as well as your heart and mind.

Choose Your own Nicotine Strength With E-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Millions of smokers had already switch and chose this better and healthier alternative to smoking and many more are planning to. One of the many reasons why e-cigarettes has become so popular is the freedom to control your vaping. First you have so many flavor options to choose from. Second you have control on how much vapor you are going to produce. And most importantly, E-cigarettes give you the ability to choose your nicotine strength.

Having the power to choose your nicotine strength is very important as survey shows that some smokers wish to have their cigarettes smoother. It also allows you to be nicotine free. Because yes, nicotine doesn’t cause cancer but it is still an addiction, an addiction that you need to stop. The best way to go over your nicotine strength is start with the level that you are comfortable with and then lower your strength once in a while until you are free of it. Here’s how to choose your nicotine strength.

Heavy smokers
For heavy smokers who are used to smoke a pack of traditional cigarettes or more per day, then you’ll want to choose a high strength of nicotine. The 2.4% or 2.8% nicotine strength would be awesome. The rich taste of your nicotine juice will exceed your every expectation and will help your transition easier.

Moderate smokers
Are you more likely to smoke less than a pack per day? If this sounds like you then consider the nicotine strength 1.8% to 1.2%. It will offer the perfect blend of nicotine strength you will be looking for and all Electronic cigarette brands have these strength.

Casual or social smokers
If you only get nicotine cravings once in a while or only smoke whenever you’re out clubbing or just having fun? Then the light nicotine strength would be right for you. From 1% to .6%. flavor cartridges. It will provide you with the same nicotine satisfaction but it contains less nicotine so the taste is not overcoming.

Best option of them all
As we said above, being nicotine free is the best option of them all. Nicotine still harms in its little ways and it is still addiction so if there’s any chance one can smoke without it, then its best for everyone. With so many flavors to choose from, one should just focus on the awesome flavors and enjoy the sensation of having something in your mouth and puffing. Choose the 0% nicotine strength and you will be good to go.

Health Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

Here at CoastToCoastForCancer.org we are so thankful that we now have an alternative to smoking through electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have so many advantages to real cigarettes and the most important of them all is the health advantages. Because electronic cigarettes dont have thousands of chemicals in it, it boast a lot of health benefits such as:

Cancer Free

People smoke E-cigarettes to get a nicotine high. Some people think that nicotine is what makes smoking cigarettes really dangerous but that’s not true. The tar and all the other chemicals that are burned when you smoke is what cause cancer. Do you know that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States for both men and women, with about 500.000 deaths every year? Electronic cigarettes dont have those the 4000 chemicals (including 60 carcinogens that can cause cancer) real cigarettes have and most importantly, it doesnt burn anything so nothing harmful is produce. E-cigarettes hold nicotine in liquid form, which gets heated into a vapor and released when a user sucks on the end. That’s basically it so say goodbye to cancer while still enjoying your vaping experience.

Healthier skin

Admit it: we all want to look our best. That is why we all have our own skin regimen that we follow everyday. No matter how great you take care of your skin if you are a smoker, then you cant achieve the appearance and glowing skin you want. This is because smoking affects your skin in ways you may not have even imagined. First, smoking cigarettes add years to your skin and complexion. It also makes it dry with red marks appearing in it. Second, smoking cigarettes deprive us from sleeping and because of this we feel restless. Restlessness cause eyebags and wrinkles that makes us look older. Furthermore, cigarettes ruin our appearance by leaving ashes into our clothes and in our skin. So, where e-cigarettes come into play is that they are much cleaner and healthier. They do not contain any trace of smoke, tar, or any of those nasty chemicals that are wrecking your lovely appearance. You can have an a glowing skin in no time.

Better Oral Health

You know how tobacco smoke leaves behind tar that yellow your teeth and worse causes oral cancers and gum problems, right? The vapor from e-cigs does not. You dont need to spend thousands of dollar for the restoration and whitening of your teeth as well as into your gums because electronic cigarettes does not produce tar. Sticking to E-cigarettes will surely lift your self confidence because now you can smile and show everyone your pearly white teeth.

More Energy

Switching to electronic cigarettes will help you feel more energize, as if you can do all the things you’ve wanted to without getting tired. This is because E-cigarettes have lower nicotine than regular cigarettes and you have more control with your body energy.

Making the choice to switch to e-cigarettes is a big one. It maybe hard at start but with a little self discipline and lots of reminder on how many benefits you can get when you switch, I’m sure you’ll be vaping your way in no time. So try to switch today and have a healthier and better like with E-cigarettes.